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Are you ready to take more responsibility of your health by making lifestyle and diet changes? The school of Megan Hively Ayurveda shares self-healing wisdom based on the ancient medical science of Ayurveda and other holistic modalities. 

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Megan believes that every body is different and that there is not a one size fits all yoga or coaching program that will work for everyone. She also believes that we are truly the only expert on ourselves and that sessions become much more powerful when the work is done together. 
So, whether you are dealing with a muscular skeletal challenge, are looking for help dealing with the challenges of anxiety, want to understand your monthly cycle, or even looking to deepen an existing yoga practice, she would love to work with you to design a personalized yoga or coaching program to fit your unique needs. 
Megan's experience includes over 1200 hours of Ayurveda training as well a 500-hour yoga teaching certification in the framework of Yoga Therapeutics, a Certified Personal Training certification through NASM, and specialty certifications in Corrective Exercise and Behavior Change. Megan received a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science in 2012 and has been in the fitness and yoga industry for almost a decade. She is excited to use the knowledge she has gained to help others.
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